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For the most part, I have not done anything but post a picture of the subject or a picture I thought should be related to the subject for aesthetic/poetic reasons.  I am probably not going to post any pictures in this one.  I am also not going to post any links to writings found online or libraries or google ebooks.  I am using a survey that I found on somebody else's blog about books.  So here goes.

1.  The book(s) I am currently reading:  A Cascading Waterfall of Nectar by Thinley Norbu; The Gormenghast Novels by Mervyn Peake.

2.  The last book(s) I finished:  The Ascent to Truth by Thomas Merton; The Proper Study of Mankind by Stuart Chase.

3.  The next book I want to read:  This one is going to be a hard one to answer.  I usually do not really decide this far ahead of time.  I probably should start planning it out.  I have wanted to read Little, Big by John Crowley for a while now, but I also have two books that I am trying to finish and they are both pretty heavy.  I also might try to read some of the more important texts in A Buddhist Bible edited by Dwight Goddard (diamond sutra, etc.).

4.  The last book I bought:  Little, Big by John Crowley, Male and Female by Margaret Mead, Silence by John Cage, Harper Collins Study Bible (which never came in the mail by the way).  However, I did not return my copy of the Greek New Testament to the book rental drop off at school.  The price of the book will be added to my bill so I am thinking that this is technically the last book for which I paid capital.

5.  The last book I was given:  I am going to add the last one and the one before that.  I was given a copy of Viriconium by M. John Harrison as a going away present last February.  And for last Christmas, I was given a copy of A Dog's Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron.  I read Viriconium, but not the Cameron book.  Maybe that will be added to the next on my list since it is small and I need a break from heavy school reading and what I have on my desk right now.

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