These are some notes that I took while I was listening to a Dharma talk from  audiodharma.
"Sometimes we keep ourselves busy so that we don't have to think about something else.  So that we don't notice that we are actually bored.
Of course I'm tense, I'm busy.  This is a virtue.
What is the trap of trying to get lost in all of this frenetic activity?
It is a fantasy.
What is the choice when we choose business?
Watch your mind.  Study the movement of your mind.  It is not about denying the choice or changing anything.  Just notice."
The talk was about developing compassion.  It was a good talk.  I thought that it was also really interesting that in a talk concerning something like compassion we hear all of this stuff about mindfulness.  It made me think a lot about just how much change starts with us.  Just how much change comes from within.

Here are some more.  These are from a different site.
"Double Depression-  being depressed about being depressed.  This is something that I really identified with when I heard it.  'Depression, the door of my heart is open.' 
"When are we going to end all this suffering business?  Not by changing one form of suffering to another."  --Ajahn Brahm. 
This talk was also really good.  I have heard a few more over the past three or four days.  Mostly, I have been painting and listening to them, but also playing SCRABBLE.

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