Drawing it Back a Little

Do you know how sometimes you feel like you have done a whole lot and you need to sort of calm down and level your mind out a little bit? I am calling this "drawing it back a little." It is not just a matter of relaxing, but of actually taking one's "empathy tentacles" back in closer to the body.

I have come down with a pretty fierce cold. My Dad had it for quite some time and I am dearly hoping that I can get over it a lot quicker than he did. I sort of get in a bad mood when I am sick. Not a good thing to be experiencing all around.

I have been reading more than one book lately. This is not normal for me. However, I have finished book 1 of The Gormenghast Novels by Mervyn Peake. (view here). I do not think that I am going to start on Book Two any time soon. It is not that really did not enjoy it that much, but that I think I can pick it up later without too much confusion. I also recently started reading a book called Patipada or The Mode of Practice of Venerable Acharn Mun. (ONLINE). I have really been enjoying this one. It is extremely informative and I identify with a lot of the practices described.
On my Nook, I was reading a book called ePublished Dhamma Talks (1) (Found Here), a book called Awareness Itself (ONLINE), and a book called Empty Cloud: the teachings of Ven. Hsu Yun. I have finished reading all three of those and have moved on only to ePublished Dhamma Talks (2). So, it is safe to say that getting a Nook was a good idea. It is not usual for me to be able to read more than one book at a time, but having the ability to do so on once device at the flip of a switch has certainly helped my intake of important information. So, technically now I am just reading the two books.

I have also been able to ride my bike a lot lately. The weather around here has warmed up enough to allow me to stay out on the road long enough to get a good ride in and avoid a serious numbness of toes. I am thinking that I will have to take it a lot slower, though. My knee still needs some nursing.

here's a picture of my bike:

love always,

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