"All beings like yourself are responsible for their own actions.
Suffering or happiness is created through one's relationship to experience, not by experience itself.
Although I wish only the best for you, I know that your happiness or unhappiness depends on your actions, not on my wishes for you.
May you not be caught in reactivity."
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"Equanimity just looks on and observes, while calmly settled in composed neutrality.
Equanimity is characterized as promoting the aspect of impartiality among beings.
Its function is to see the equality of all beings.
It is manifested as the quieting of both resentment and approval.
Its proximate cause is seeing and comprehending the ownership and efficacy of kamma thus:
All beings are owners of their actions, born, created and conditioned by the accumulated effect of their past intentions!
Whose, if not theirs, is the choice by which they have become happy, or unhappy, or will break free from suffering, or have fallen down from their past good state?
Equanimity succeeds, when it makes both resentment and approval subside, and it fails, when it instead produces a bored, indifferent, & careless state of negligence!"
Vism I 318
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