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So, the look of blogger has changed. I think that I like it enough to keep using it. I know that I mentioned in my last post about not really blogging all that much anymore. I have stuck to that gun for the most part. Still, I think that the new format is really kind of user-friendly.

I want to say something about the wild dreams I have been having lately. I do not know where to start, though. I had a dream with JFK in it. I had a dream that ended at the end of one of my new songs. I had a bad dream that I ate some chicken (I am a vegetarian). There are more, but I do not want to try remembering them all. It would take too long. I really just want to point it out and say that I kind of like it, except for the fact that I feel a little worn out in the morning.

As I mentioned in some previous posts, among the many books I find myself reading lately, I have been working through Patipada or The Mode of Practice of Venerable Acharn Mun.  When I first started to read it, I noticed that there were a lot of things that matched my own personality and behaviour.  I would often find myself during the first few chapters or so thinking that it sounded a lot like the author could have been talking about me.  One of the more recent examples of this, as I am about half-way through the book, is the practice of walking Cankama in the morning.  Some of the Dhutanga Kammatthana Bhikkhus will start walking meditation the first thing after they wake up.  When I first read this, I wasn't sure what the author was talking about. Now that I have read about the practice a lot, I have started to relate it to what I used to do. And when considering the similarities, I have to say that I always felt a lot better those days when I would do this. So, I have started the practice again of walking Cankama first thing after waking. It is not something that I do as a force of practice like I might if I were a Kammatthana Bhikkhu. Rather, I check my motivation immediately after waking and then do as much as I feel I need to. So far, I have to say that it has helped greatly for the rest of my meditation practice. I would dare to say that right now, a short bit of Cankama upon waking is better for me than the three sessions of 20min. sitting meditation I was forcing myself to do everyday.

love always,

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