dreams and songs

I have been having a lot of really incredible dreams lately. For the past two nights, I have had more than one dream each night. Some of them sort of were related and sort of flowed into one another. By that I mean to say that there were a few people/things in one dream that were present in another dream. The general story-line seemed to change from dream to dream, however.

I have also been working on a lot of sounds. I posted one below on the last entry. I just went through and looked and I have in the playlist over seven hours of material from these sessions. These seven hours are spread out among only fifteen songs. The first track of those fifteen is the one that I posted in my last entry. I am listening to it now in the playlist. Naturally, I have a crazy setup on my player so it will sound different from what others will hear. However, I really like the way that all of this stuff is turning out. I enjoy making it also. It has been a long time since a process has so moved me to keep going with it. And it has been an even longer amount of time since a process has turned out sounds that I thought would be pleasing to the ears of others.
And then last night as I was practicing guitar and thinking about my music, I started to consider what it sounds like when I play. I started thinking about not the process, but the nature of the sounds I produce. I had just finished listening to a radio show about the viola. I was envious of the interviewee's passion for the viola. I love the viola and I had wished I had the time to devote such an interest to the production of its sounds. I don't know how to play the viola, but I do know how to play the guitar. So, I started listening for the viola in the guitar. I found the sounds beautiful and started to play. After the first chord, I realized that I could do better than I have ever done. Considering what has been created recently only through a process, I was virtually enchanted by what could be made only through sound.

So, I started to play something.

my Sound Cloud account

I will continue to commit myself to hearing sound and creating using that sound.

love always,

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