The title of this post is irrelevant.

I do think a lot about inclusivity. Interestingly enough, my spell-check doesn't recognize it as a word at all. I am not sure if this is because inclusivity is actually not a word or if it is because I am not spelling it correctly. It would say a bit about our society if it's not a word at all. I am not a qualified linguist. I sometimes like to think that I am, but I am not really in the mood to talk about it right now.

What I do what to talk about is something that I recently read. I was reading A Taste of Freedom by Ajahn Chah. He was talking about "seeing the body in the body." I had learned about this way of meditating a lot time ago, but apparently I had nearly forgotten all about it. When I read about it last night, I was really taken aback by the idea. Lately, I get the feeling that when I am trying to be present to my surroundings, etc., I have this last little bit that is keeping me from really experiencing my reality. I think that seeing the body in the body or the breath in the breath is what bridges that last gap. Seeing the breath in something else is a way of thinking embodied in this question- "What does the breath mean to x, y, or z?" To see the breath in the breath is more in part the answer to the question concerning what the breath actually is. The only way to find that out is to experience it fully. To experience it fully we must perceive it. And to perceive it we must look deeply at it and it alone.

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