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I know that I have been only posting quotes lately.  It may not be totally acceptable, but I found another so I wanted to post it as well.  It is from Ajahn Maha Boowa.  I personally really feel a strong connection to his teachings and writings.  In this particular passage, the Venerable is talking about Chanda (satisfaction), Viriya (diligent effort), Sati (mindfulness), Saddha (conviction), Samadhi (concentration), and Panna (penetrative wisdom).
"Indeed, this is the Dhamma that can build a complete human being.  They can help develop a firm basis in the citta by consolidating our efforts around true guiding principles, complete with excellent rules and disciplines, and good traditions and customs.  This ensures that those who undertake the practice do not go counter to the principles of Dhamma.  Once the heart is attuned to Dhamma in this way, it is safeguarded with the Dhamma Protection- dhammarakkha.  With Dhamma as its guardian, the heart will steadily prosper.  Harmful influences will steadily decline.  Regardless of how long the heart may have been down and miserable, it never reaches a state of complete destruction because it remains capable of thinking and reasoning.  Once the heart is cleansed through exertion, it will become bright, cool and peaceful.  This is the key, the essential factor that will turn our aspirations into full reality.  Merely desiring success is not enough, if we allow ourselves to be deterred by weakness and discouragement, which prevents us from pursuing and accomplishing our objective."
-- Ajahn Maha Boowa
Amata Dhamma:  Six Talks on Dhamma

note- I took the "definitions" of the terms in Pali above (chanda, viriya, sati, saddha, samadhi, and panna) from the book from which the quote comes.  I am not sure if they are absolutely correct.  And I know that the spelling is different than what would be found in most texts.  However, I did my best to include what I thought was the teaching given by Ajahn Maha Boowa.  That is what I considered to be important.

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