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I want to post another link to my music. This is the latest Media Them album.

I am listening to it right now as a sort of review. I just woke up and it goes really nicely with some light Saturday morning work. I am sort of proud of it, but that's not why I made it.

I have thought a great deal about the short verse I wrote about in my previous post. It stands the test of my own critical eye, as well as the test of bringing it up and contemplating it up later. I like it. I am currently reading a small pamphlet called Buddhism and Social Action by Ken Jones. One can find it here: Access To Insight. In the first few pages, Jones talks about creating Utopias in an effort to curb suffering in the world. I was reminded of my verse when I read what he was saying. By attempting to bring a "perfect" social order to the world, we are denying that Utopia may be in our own heart. And we may also be denying the fact that so much of suffering originates purely from within. This is why I introduce the idea of utopia being in one's heart by stating that one should "embrace impermanence" and "end suffering."

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