I have a Nook and a reliable lap-top. I also have a cell phone. Recently, somebody gave me a tablet as a gift. I didn't think that I was going to use it much until I started to question my methods of study. I have a decent personal library. I do a lot of study with my library and my lap-top. Since I got my tablet, I have been thinking of using a very different form of study.

What I am wondering is if anybody else feels the same way. I have been reading through the Collected wotks of Korean Buddhism. During the course of reading only a few pages, a question inevitably arises and I go investigate it further on the 'net. When I find some resources, I then can study and formulate a better grasp of the material. This is not all that dissimilar from when I was in school and the instructor would give us a main text, lecture on it with discussion, assign us to research a topic and report what we find.

So, I guess it is not quite a new way to study, but a new place- on my tablet. What I am wondering is if anybody is interested in formng a study group.
Sorry that I had such a rambling roundabout way of saying it.

Essentially the study group would function much the same way my process was described above, with an emphasis on how you study. So instead of handing off one's conclusions found in the material, it would be encouraged to share notes, freewriting exercises, responses you get from your teacher when an inquiry concerning the materials is shared with them.

I feel that doing this sort of thing in a group setting would be wonderful.

love always,

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