Teach Yourself 1st

"Therefore in this present age, Venerable Acharn Mun taught all his followers most emphatically about the importance of a quiet place for Dhutanga Bhikkhus of his lineage; and also how they should not become an 'Arcariya' teaching others before they have become an 'Arcariya' to teach themselves in the first place, so that the heart of each one shall have gained a firm controlling principle which is able to look after and protect himself. Then, whereever he goes he will be of no danger to himself nor harmful to others. As for being of value to others, this will follow on naturally when such a person who practices the way has a ground or basis of Dhamma which is sufficient- or which is completely fulfilled, accordingly."

-- from Patipada or the Mode of Practice of Venerable Acharn Mun.

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