white noise

I had created this post to talk about my music. I have been listening to and creating a lot of stuff lately. What I had in mind was to say something about channeling and creating music through a process of sort of pulling songs and sounds out from one's self or soul or something.

Now, I think that this is probably best identified as a ridiculous idea. It is close to being really quite ridiculous at any rate. Songs aren't "contained" within anything. In fact, I feel like that is what makes music so intriguing to us- the idea that sounds aren't so part and parcel to the being of anything that can make those sounds. I mean, it wouldn't be that far off the mark for one to say that, upon hearing a dog bark, that the dog is barking. However, if one hears a sad song, how one defines the nature of the being producing such a sound changes a great deal. It would probably not be entirely accurate to say that somebody singing such a song is indeed sad at the time you are hearing it. If it is a performance, it would still be difficult to tell just how the performer were feeling at the exact time the song is being sung/played. There is the benefit that studying this would help us to transcend the nature of our storytelling according to what we hear. However, I have started to think that there is just too much emotional manipulation involved in listening to music like that.

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