I know that people tell stories about the things that happen to them. About the things they do. This has been a part of my daily life for some time now. I have been considering it as a fact that creates my surroundings and interrupts the flow of reality. People say things about other things all the time. I always thought that this was a bad thing considering how important I believe it to be for us to engage in the true reality. Allowing stories to colour the information coming in is to alter reality in some way. Then when we start to engage the world around us, we may find that there is a disconnect due to the fact that our ideas of the world don't fit what is really happening because of the stories we have tried to paint over the real world.

As I said earlier, I never really gave these stories that much thought because I was under the impression that these stories couldn't possibly be so complicated that some aspect of true reality couldn't be found underneath them. I didn't think that so much paint could be laid over the truth so as to cover it forever. The idea that, no matter how much we scrape away our stories, we couldn't catch even a glimpse of reality seemed almost cruel and depressing. However, a few days ago I heard some pretty incredible stories being told. Entire lives were fabricated in an instant. These stories were being bought and sold with beliefs and strung out like a stock market ticker tape was this wildly extravagant representation of reality. I thought to myself, "The stories people tell CAN be complicated.". I sent myself a text saying just that and decided to write this blog about it.

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