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I think I am done with online forums. It's sort of funny that shortly after I wrote that, I went on a forum. I usually find myself going to forums to kill time. I do not find anything of quality to occupy my mind. I have gotten everything I ever need from a forum already. So I do not think I will be going on forums anymore.

love always,

edit 2-10-2014:
Shortly after posting this I had a very important question I wanted to ask and thought that a forum I used to frequent would be the only place I could find a suitable answer, or at least be pointed in the right direction. Sure enough, I was dead wrong and not only did I not receive anything like a decent answer, but I was only given statements which do not facilitate any further constructive thought about the question I had. That is the last time I try to attend a discussion on any forum.

edit 2-11-2014
I am afraid that this might continue to be an ongoing discussion with myself. I went to the same discussion forum. I was sort of bored and wanted to see if the topic I posted had died where I left it and to do a little light reading of the new responses if there were any. To my unwarranted surprise, there were actually some really good responses there. This is the forum that I had previously started to rely on for the only source of discussions like this. So, like I said, my surprise at the good responses should really have not been present. However, it is plain to see that there are some people on that particular forum who simply don't know what they are talking about and are engaging in the sort of negativity that pervades much of online discourse. It has been my recent experience that this may still be a good source of discussion and I may therefore continue to attend it occasionally.

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